If you are a fan of “The Walking Dead” Oct 23rd is around the corner.

Rick and his fellow survivors essentially become a family due to the chaotic, unpredictable lives they now lead. In a similar manner, PR professionals must be prepared to handle situations quickly and without hesitation—because if you don’t, there can be dire consequences for your clients and your agency. It’s not the only similarity between public relations and the hit AMC show.
Here are lessons PR pros can learn from “The Walking Dead”:

1. Avoid lifeless press releases – If you don’t write a captivating message with a concise headline and insights to captivate the reader, reporters can click “delete” and the release will float around the internet with other unread releases—much like a herd of roaming “walkers.”

2. Clear communication is crucial – Your relationships with your clients should be first and foremost in your mind at all times. Just like TWD, Rick always communicated with his fellow survivors, he clearly lays out what must be done and by whom. In PR, internal teams working with specific clients must have a strategy with goals and deadlines in order t provide the clients with desired outcomes.

3. Plan ahead – Whether you’re crafting a crisis management strategy or advising clients on their organizations’ day-to-day corporate activities, PR pros must plan ahead. Rick and his fellow survivors plan escapes and attacks ahead of time to keep themselves as safe as possible. So too must PR pros.

4. Tell your story – PR pros must continue to think of new and innovative ways to tell your stories. New ideas and collaboration are key elements for an organization’s survival—and we’ll soon see how Rick and his fellow zombie-apocalypse survivors fare in the show’s seventh season.
Source – Prdaily