We live in times where people are constantly on the move, trying to make things click; trying to make ends meet. For some, they go the illegal way and make up excuses along the way. For others, they go legit and reap the dividends.

When the country got plunged into recession, there were talks about “recession” being just a word, but if the high crime rate and the rate of unemployment are anything to go by, time has proven that it is more than just a word.

Several schemes have been launched to try to cushion the blow of the economic downturn. We’ve had some from the Federal governments, some as interventions from individuals, some as initiatives of foreign organizations but still they aren’t enough to genuinely lift people out of poverty.

Well, on came the Premier Bets, known popularly as the Baba Ijebu, Nigeria’s biggest and oldest betting platform. Their intervention is in a class of its own as it through its Millionaire Maker campaign, tries to gift people 1 million naira with just 100 naira stake.

It’s almost unbelievable. Indeed, the first winner refused to believe he won, opting instead to believe it was a prank being played until he was confronted with the 1 million naira cash. Such is the level of upliftment and intervention that Baba Ijebu’s Millionaire Maker campaign: it makes millionaires of ordinary people.

It’s not certain how much longer the economic downturn will stay and how long it will take most people to climb above the effects of the economic issues, but one thing is certain, with the introduction of the Baba Ijebu Millionaire Maker campaign, so many people are on course to smiling to the bank with just 100 naira as stake.