1. She is very versatile.
  2. She is classy
  3. She makes being a mean mother in law look cool- have you seen The Wedding Party?
  4. She was iconic in The Arbitration.
  5. Elizabeth in “Fifty” is that best friend that you wish you had
  6. She pulls off a low cut like it is nothing
  7. She is an inspiration for strong women everywhere.
  8. When we see her face on a movie poster, we get goose bumps.
  9. We forget her name sometimes, so we call her Sheila because she owns that character on Tinsel.
  10. She is an expert at playing characters that you love to hate. Think of Barrister Funlayo in The Arbitration.
  11. She is multi lingual; “Hauwa” in Something Wicked is our witness
  12. We’ve grew up watching her on “Oge With Iretiola”
  13. Her Black Don’t crack. #BlackExcellence
  14. We first fell in love with her as Sisi Caro on Fuji House of Commotion.
  15. She is Nollywood’s most Bankable actress.
  16. She could be a runway model if she wanted to.
  17. She has everyone “stanning” for her

  18. Empowering young females? Tick
  19. Empowering young actors? Tick
  20. One of the very few celebs that hang out with her fans every now and then
  21. You don’t want to mess with Illa in “Gidi UP”
  22. She keeps her personal life private.
  23. She makes you believe in the institution of marriage
  24. She pulls off favorite older Aunty, who is there for those awkward conversations.
  25. The teenagers look up to her
  26. The adults love her
  27. She is one of the very few on screen female presidents that didn’t ruin the movie for us. Check out Madam President
  28. She is the definition of evolving with time.
  29. She steady intimidates Adesua’s characters and we love it. Check on The Arbitration and The Wedding Party.

    Iretiola Doyle and Adesua Etomi (Instagram)
  30. But then again, we loved their chemistry in Something Wicked.
  31. We know she loves Good Music. Go to her instagram page.
  32. Her photos with Beverly Naya on Instagram will almost make you believe they are sisters off screen.
  33. She can act. Don’t argue.
  34. Don’t act like you didn’t think she was fantastic on stage. For Colored girls (2011), V-monologues (2013) and The Wives (2014).
  35. She has flaws, and she isn’t ashamed of them.
  36. She balances family and work well.
  37. Before power couples were a thing, she had this on lock down.
  38. Her smile is really nice, we know you don’t get to see it a lot so you have to Trust us
  39. RMD is iconic; she shares the screen with him, she holds her own, excellently.

    Iretiola Doyle and RMD (Instagram)
  40. You know her scenes with Deyemi Okanlawon in Dinner and Emmauel Ikubese in Fifty are “Sugar Mummy” goals.
  41. Sheila is one of your favorite characters on Tinsel.
  42. She has a grass to grace story that we love.
  43. She has had a twenty-two-year career in the middle and not one hint of bad press.
  44. She is an avid social commentator.
  45. She is a mother and still looks like this!
  46. She almost makes crazy attractive. Check her out in the thriller – Torn.
  47. She is the epitome of grace and elegance.
  48. Who else pulls off, the “You’re beneath me look better than her?” Think Barrister Funlayo to the rookie Omawumi Horsfall in The Arbitrtaion.
  49. You know you wish you’ll look like this at age 50
  50. She is the definition of #goals