Literally, money is the nucleus of a man’s financial life; it lessens the burdens ofhis struggles, and provides answers to many of life’s begging questions. It has been said that money makes the world go round and as a result, a large percentage of man’s activities are targeted at making money.While, money is good, the lack of it has tested the faith and character of many individuals in society; there are many life stories that attest to this.

Among several other reasons, people tow different paths to help them meet financial demands, and bail them out of the worst situations. Some acquire degrees in certain disciplines in order to get into lucrative careers, while others learn trades and craft. There are also those who engage in nefarious activities such as swindling people of their wealth to enrich themselves. This is how powerful money is. Despite all of these happenings, no one has given any thought to lotteries as a way out of poverty.

In many countries, lotterieshave been considered a lifesaver due to the returns that come with the games. While the chances of winning a lottery are mathematically slim, there is a large group of people who understand how massive the return on investment can be, when won. Considering this, we have an insight into the minds of lottery companies trooping into the Nigerian market and world over.As long as people realize how quick their lives will change, they will play the lottery.

The problem today, nevertheless, is not in the rise in the number of those that play lotteries, but the inability of these persons to manage their wealth when they hit big. When fortune smiles on them,they consider it an opportunity to live extravagantly and forget their worries; they fail to remember that they have issues that require urgent financial attention. After spending heavily on needless items, in no time, the wealth is lost and reality sets in. At that point, it becomes too little, too late.

How can this be curbed?Lottery winners must be just as prude as they were before the sudden wealth. They must also seek expert financial advice on how to invest and manage their wealth, live within a budgetand cut down on heavy spending. With these done, there are higher chances that these individuals can have a secured future, off winning the lottery.

So, think and plan, when you hit big.