If there’s one face that’s easy to love in Nollywood, it’s that of the amiable Lotachukwu; 

an actor we all watched break into the industry, followed her growth, and who we have all come to love and fawn over.

We at ZSN are excited about her and we’ve made a list of 10 awesome reasons why we love her and why we think you should love her too.

  1. She is a social media sweetheart
  2. She makes “no makeup picture” the new cool. Doubt us? Check out her Instagram page.
  3. She makes cooking look fun and effortless
  4. Let’s not forget how she has the most charming smile you’ve ever seen.
  5. We love Lota Takes.
  6. Whether she’s playing the role of a simple-minded person, like her Kiki character or she’s the bad guy like Oofuni, she always brings her A game.
  7. Her flawless appearance: be it on set or on the red carpet is highly commendable
  8. She makes yoga look painless and interesting.
  9. She is an awesome writer
  10. She loves good music