One of the core issues that have characterized the twenty first century – especially for third world and underdeveloped nations – is the issue of unemployment. This issue, while substantial grants and support have been poured into the different economies has refused to go away.

This gave way to two outcomes: some chose the path of entrepreneurship, while others embraced farming. It could be said then that farming, the neglected child after the oil boom of the early years became the favored child.

Under the last administration, farming was given even greater attention with the Minister of Agriculture, Akinwumi Adesina winning the World Food Prize – an agriculture equivalent of the Nobel – for his efforts and subsequently becoming the President of the African Development Bank.

But farming without the needed tools is just pedestrian and a waste of time. We’ve seen many new farmers try to make it but get shot down because of a lack of not just the technical know-how, but also, the right tools.

Enter Tramontina, and we have a new face defining what farming tools should be and setting a standard on what’s acceptable and what’s not. The emphasis of the Tramontina brand is on longevity, flexibility and affordability. With one fell swoop, the brand’s entry into the market solved three of the core issues farmers face by providing tools that will last, tools that can withstand sun and water and exposure to air, and tools that farmers do not have to go broke to buy.

Since their entry into the market, we’ve had a shift in the number of people gravitating towards the brand, if for nothing at all, for the consideration that was put into making something that brings a certain level of uniqueness to the farmers in the country.

It’s one of the revolutionary advantages that Tramontina brings. A look at the tools confirm that they didn’t just create what they hope would work for farmers, but they developed each tool in conjunction with farmers and as such, it’s easy for each design and the advantages it has over other brands to resonate with farmers and give them a taste of something different from what they were used to.

From Lagos to Abuja to Ibadan, from every nook and cranny, farmers all over are embracing Tramontina and the ease that comes with using their tools.